Monday, August 2, 2010

The Woods


I just went here for the first time tonight. I really like the vibe. All natural materials (wood, stone, antler chandeliers) and it wasn't crowded at all (which is a huge plus for me, on account of I hate people). And you can sip your drink under a faux starry sky. The place itself is inside a really skeezy shopping mall, which gives it a little more charm in my book. Also charming is the door guy...

Door guy: What's in your bag?
Me: DVDs. (I was returning them to a friend)
Door guy: Oh. I thought it might be cookies.

But what really sells me on this place is that the happy hour is from 8:00 pm to 10:00 pm. So, drink up my pretties. Drink. Up.

The Woods
1533 North La Brea Avenue
Los Angeles, CA 90028
(323) 876-6612

The Other Side.


The Other Side is the piano bar on "the other side" of the Flying Leap Cafe. Only go here if you:

a) Are a gay male (preferably old)
b) Love musical theatre

Since I am neither of the above, this place only gets 2.5 Smiles from me. If you are one of the aforementioned things, this place goes up to, like, 5 Smiles.

I went on a Friday (Open Mic Night) and had a decent time with my friends, but had to leave when a slew of straight college girls swarmed in with their own gig books. Even three whiskeys in, that's a lot for a girl to take.

The Other Side
2538 Hyperion Avenue
Los Angeles, CA 90027-3305

Medieval Times


Ohmigosh, I have so much Los Angeles to catch up on!

Ok, so, Medieval Times. Only go to this with children or with alcohol. Or maybe both. I take a youth group every year and it's hysterical. I mostly spend the time thinking about all the money and work that has to go into the training and keeping the horses and wondering how they stay in business. Ticket price includes a paper crown, a meal of soup, garlic bread, chicken, a rib, a potato, and an apple turnover. It's actually pretty good.

My favourite part is always the conversations I have during the event, like this one:

Me: Aww, he's bald and he works at Medieval Times.
My Friend: It could be worse, he could be obese.

Know before you go:

  1. Goldstar events often have tickets at a hefty discount. For God's sakes, don't pay full price to go.

  2. They do sell alcohol there.

  3. They sell swords there. Real ones. Bring your Benjamins if that's the kind of thing you're into.

Medieval Times
7662 Beach Boulevard
Buena Park, CA 90620
(866) 543-9637